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Inward Phase aka Dániel Nyári was born in 1991, Hungary, Cegléd. He got a synthesizer at six years old, since then he is possessed of music. He graduate in music elementary school and played in several instruments like piano & guitar for seven years, and drum. He begun his career in numetal/hardcore band, but it ended soon, because the members focused more to learn in the school. He has been interested in drumandbass since 2005, and he begun to compose music in 2008. He was motivated by Spor, Noisia, Phace, etc...

He started dj'ing at 2010, now he had to play with names like: Audio, C4C, Neonlight, Mefjus, Maztek etc...
He founded Nitro Blast, a party organizer crew in hungary and had 3 session yet with names like: Diode, Kryteria, Maztek, ComputerArtist etc.. The crew's members are: Inward Phase, Konor, Phazer. Because of the diversity of his personality, he started many projects, including producing deep drum and bass under the name DSDX as his first project. Later on he shifted towards to more minimalistic soundings inspired by a little bit autonomic and a little bit shuffle styles, producing 130 bpm music.

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